Not everyone can work as a UX designer. Why? Because working in UX requires you to not only LOVE people, but to be endlessly curious about why they do the things they do.
 — Rosie Allabarton

App for Freelancers

Creative Director and UX/UI Designer: This is an example of the type of work I really enjoy. I had to redesign this entire application into a fully responsive, google material, prototype. My job was to create original designs and to translate the new concept to the development team through an agile process.

UI Design for 3D Software

Senior Designer: For 5 years I worked at a 3D software company as a senior designer. We had 4 different applications, but one of them was going through a total redesign, I worked on the UI, the iconography, tutorials, and documentation. I also had to manage 3D artists to create a content library.

STL Software UI

UX/UI Desiner and Creative Director: This was a fun UX/UI project I worked on for a russian company that was trying to make a simple and user friendly application for people interested in creating STL files for 3D printing

UX/UI For Fitness Website and App

UX/UI Designer and Graphic Artist This was project required fast prototyping and good research. I spent a lot of time trying to understand my clients vision and style. We worked on various user stories and refined until the last week. It was a very rewarding process.

Katherine Dey Art

This was a tricky project. I had to really get a feel of Katherine's style and for the first time I started really experimenting with large shapes. I'm particularly proud of this project because I was able to get out of my comfort zone and she was really happy. The website should launch in September with her store! Stay tuned!

3D Graphic Studies

Senior Designer:I am constantly learning new 3D software and I have grown passionate about implemeting 3D in all aspects of design. I just started delving into Unity 3D recently and I hope to explore the world of 3D UX/UI design.

Wireframes & Web Design

I have been doing web design since I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2010, I'm still developing my style and working on creating the cleanest possible code and look.


This is something I accidentally fell into. I started by filling in for someone at work, then I kept doing it and created a set of tutorials for friends that want to learn the software that I use every day.

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