UX/UI Research, Design, & Development


Conduct market research, collect information, interview users, and create UX tests in order to truly define the goal of the project and the key requirements.


Time to define the structure of the product itself. This part includes all the aspects of creation, including; branding development, style guides, wireframes, prototypes, user flows, and user tests.

Build and Test

Usually all the questions in step 2 make this part fluid and easy, but there are times when our clients want some revisions and then we have to go back and do some testing and re-creating.

Where should I look first? What is the underlying message?

Instructional and Graphic Design

This is one of the hardest forms of design, where you have to be mathematical about all decisions, but at the same time, forget everything that you have learned. Typography and layout is an envolving form of visual language, as a design, I have the power to change it, but I also have to be very aware of the new direction all media is going.

What is the goal of your site? Who is your audience? Why should I visit your site again?

Web Design

Everyone wants to look professional and special. The fun part of web design is learning the personality of your client, and trying to find a look and feel that clearly communicates the brand.

Who are your users and what do they need?

UX/UI Research and Design

I always start with learning about the product and the users. It's important to understand the goals of the company and the current painpoints of the product. There are so many applications and design methodologies out there, the trick with UX/UI is finding the perfect visual language and experience that communicates the message of your product and markets with a sense of uniqueness.

Working in UX requires you to not only LOVE people, but to be endlessly curious about why they do the things they do.
 — Rosie Allabarton

Who am I?

I am a problem solving jack of all trades with an undergrad degree from RISD. I have been working in visual design and communication for almost a decade. I started as a video editor and then delved into web/print design and development. During my master's program I got so excited about 3D that I immediately started looking for work in that field. I worked for almost 5 years at a 3D software company as a senior UX/UI and visual designer. We had 4 different applications, but one of them was going through a total redesign, I worked on the UI, the iconography, tutorials, and documentation. I also had to manage 3D artists to create a content library. I am currently a creative director at JU LLC where we take on a variety of different types of projects.

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