ux/ui. Creative Direction. Sketch. Invision
Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits was a huge project to take on, which is now finally in development. My role was creative director and UX/UI Designer, I ended up redesigning the whole application in Sketch. The project went from a 30 page document to a 200 page document with all the responsive elements added. I had to create user flows, sitemaps, and prototypes in invision. I was in daily communication with the CEO's and the developers. The old design was very elegant, but stylistically I wanted a cleaner look with google materials, so we pretty much started from scratch, but we kept the logo design by Mauro Medina, a talented designer from LA.

  • GOAL   Re-Design the entire app, guide stakeholders through dev process
  • DELIVERABLES    App Prototype and Website
FWB Website
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